Interview With Adrian Coppin

Interview With Adrian Coppin

Prior to the start of the 2018 Australian Rally Championship (ARC), R6 Web Design caught up with Adrian Coppin to talk about his goals for 2018.

Q1:      How is you 2018 season shaping up?

At this stage it is all coming together nicely.  I have a new car for the season, a Peugeot 208 built to the AP4 rules, so I should be on the pace. I have renewed my partnership with many of my long-term sponsors including Castrol, Kennards, Autografica, and OntheGO.  I have also signed two new sponsors in Optus YES and FlyFilm, so the deals are done. And Erin Kelly will be returning to the codrivers seat for the season, so everything is looking very positive.

Q2:      What are you goals for your campaign in the ARC this year?

I am only doing a limited campaign this year due to my commitment to Rally Australia, so I have set myself a goal to win a round/leg of the championship.

I have competed in all three events previously, Ballarat, Busselton and Canberra, so feel comfortable with the roads.  I finished 3rd in the National Capital Rally in XXXX but would like to stand on the top step at least once, before I retire from the ARC.

Q3:      How confident are you that you can achieve your goal.

Apart from being a bit rusty after the years break, I am quietly confident.  I have driven the new car and it the best car I have ever driven, so that makes me feel confident I have the speed to win. I have been in the lead in rounds of the championship in the past but unfortunately, I couldn’t convert the leads to a win due to some bad luck. So yeah, I can do it if everything falls into place.

Q4:      You are almost a veteran of the ARC after 5 or 6 seasons. How do you think the sport is doing?

In terms of the sporting side, I think everything is moving along nicely. Competing at the highest level in any sport is expensive but we will see at least four AP4 cars for Harry Bates, Eli Evans, Marcus Walkem and myself start the season along Molly Taylor’s PRC entry and there are two other AP4 cars being built for a debut later in the year.  So that is a big improvement considering their were only two competing last year!

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